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Have a fleet of travelling employees?

Focusing on high-speed and reliable mobile connectivity, Flexiroam provides connectivity solutions for all industries.

Pilots, seafarers, business travellers, superyachts and portable devices can access instant connectivity the moment they land, all with a single SIM card.

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Our solutions help you avoid:

With Flexiroam, managing mobile spending is easy! Our cloud-based Connectivity Management Platform ensures you’re always up-to-date by providing detailed service, usage and billing insights.


Flexiroam provides seamless, global connectivity wherever you roam. Our sales representative will help you choose the most cost-efficient solutions provided by national, regional, and local operators in over 200 countries and territories.


Thanks to eSIM technology, our connectivity solutions are future-proof, scalable, and easy to deploy. The service is delivered remotely via OTA provisioning that you can easily manage through our Connectivity Management Platform.


Why bury yourself in paperwork? Our single-service model helps you save time and optimise spending. With Flexiroam, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important instead of dealing with excessive invoices and local operators.


Create a personalised plan or choose a bundle that fits your exact needs. We’ll automatically find the best local carrier from a large network of our partners, so that you can enjoy seamless international coverage.


Flexiroam makes your life easier.

  • 1. Global Access
    to Connectivity

    Leverage Flexiroam's connectivity ecosystem of over 700 unique networks across 200+ countries and territories with a single connection.

  • 2. Bespoke policy

    Optimise business roaming by controlling the applications that can be accessed and limit usage of certain applications.

  • 3. Customise your data

    Create bespoke data plans for individuals and groups through shared data plans. Set a limit on usage, destinations, and validity.

  • 4. Dedicated 24/7

    Single point of contact for all troubleshooting and support requirements. Get a dedicated Key Account Manager for your connectivity.

  • 5. Full-suite
    management portal

    Control and analyse the data usage of your enterprise in a single portal. Track and manage your devices in real time.

  • 6. Automate & Integrate
    through APIs

    Flexiroam API allows businesses worlwide to integrate and simplify connectivity management. Need IoT API instead?

Make it your ownwhite-label solution

Stay in control
  • Control the amount of data allocated to people and devices
  • Track and analyse consumption
  • Limit & block devices and applications
Secure your connection
  • Assign a private APN for employees only
  • Restrict access to unsecured websites and apps
  • Eliminate the need for public Wi-Fi
Create your own brand
  • Enterprise-branded global connectivity
  • Unique and customisable

Flexiroam has you covered

200+ countries

International coverage to keep you worry-free

Supported technology

2G-5G, NB-IoT and LTE-M accessible in 47 countries

700+ networks

Get the best available connectivity globally

High compatibility

Connect any SIM and eSIM-enabled device

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Transforming industries across the world

Mission-critical connectivity

With the transition toward digital flight books, pilots rely on mobile connectivity to download and transmit all relevant information necessary to operate the plane.
Flexiroam provides reliable connectivity that is always available on a global scale.

High bandwidth data usage

As telematics and high-speed internet become indispensable, Flexiroam provides vehicles and vessels traveling across multiple countries with stable, high bandwidth connectivity with a single setup.

Connecting your people

With the increasing demand to stay connected when traveling, enterprises struggle to manage connectivity on a global level. Flexiroam offers the control and flexibility to help you effectively manage business travelers without compromising productivity and security while keeping costs in check.

A revolution in consumer SIM technology

Discover new opportunities with Flexiroam eSIM solutions.

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